The most achieved solution for the Telecom Expense Management

Having a detailed overview of all kind of communications became a need to efficiently manage your business. Indeed, among all the different levels of your organization, you need to be able to split the costs, check and validate your telecom’s invoices, analyze your operator traffic, manage phone devices inventory and identify telephony abuses of use. Our solution will help you to meet these requirements.


Analytics is an advanced data processing solution for all operators and services (fixed, mobile, data) combined with an accurate inventory and specific analysis reports.

It enables you to centralize all your information to get a better view of your consumption, controlling the usage and finally reduce telecom spend.

Analytics integrates smart dashboards enabling you to quickly reach the information you need. Each user can create his personal workspace with our Widgets implementation.

Consumption and fraud detection alerts will be sent via email and detailed reports can be scheduled on user or phone basis.

Increase Visibility

Centralized view of your consumption and communications spend

Simplify Management

Advanced data processing for all operators and all services (fixed, mobile, data, voice)

Cost Savings

Identify unused subscriptions, automated manual process and detect billing errors

  • Fixed and mobile operator data processing
  • Advanced and customisable dashboard for rapid access to strategic information
  • Specific analysis report
  • Itemised consumption per department, cost centre, etc
  • Rate simulation and comparison

  • Device Management with 100 custom fields
  • Multi source Import
  • Device assignment based on company organisation
  • Multi criteria search, Export result
  • Add, Move, Change subscriptions and options

  • Processing of your PBX’s tickets
  • Multi-site, multi-PBX solution
  • Total traffic management (incoming, outgoing, internal, video, etc.)
    • Telephone reception quality measurement
    • Traffic measurement
  • Wide range of reports (spreadsheets or graphics)
  • Reports in Html, Xml, Csv, Pdf, MS Excel
  • Advanced and customisable dashboard for rapid access to strategic information

  • Advanced directory for structured reports
  • Cost centre management
  • Multi-device management
  • Time zone management
  • Notion of user profile of restricted access to the interface and the data
  • Planned dispatching of your reports by e-mail
  • Malfunction alerts

  • Complete hospital and hotel management solution
  • Complete patient and guest telephony management
  • Interconnection with hospital admission systems via HL7, JCaps or Opale (Prepayment, DDI, automatic location)
  • Interconnection with hotel front office systems via the FIAS2 and CARACAS protocols (Check-in, Check-out, DND, Wake-up, Mini-bar, Room Status)
  • Intuitive and simplified web interface for managing patients and customers
  • Voice server for patients and guests

  • Complete Billing solution for IPBX up to 500 extensions and 2 sites
  • Comprises all the functionalities of Calltax Enterprise